Our Story

In July 2019 the book store previously known as ”Browsers Uncommon Books” was acquired by a fun-loving bookish couple; Alex and Tyson. Owning a bookstore is a dream not many people get to live, but we are blessed to be in the club of lucky ones. Alex had talked about starting a used book store years back. Tyson brought up that he would go there every day if the shop sold sandwiches (we don’t by the way). Ever since then, Alex had always wanted to work with books full-time. She has been a lover of books since a young age, and worked in a bookstore right out of high school.

Alex is a local girl, who grew up outside of Farragut State Park. This store is an incredible opportunity go serve the community and get books in the hands of readers young and old.

Tyson grew up in southern Idaho, and is an avid reader as well. All genres appeal to him and when he’s in the store he has a knack for being a pro at finding anything Alex can’t. If you see Tyson it is a rare day that he is not working or hunting. 

Owners, man and woman reading books and smiling while sitting on a bed of golden leaves

Our Help

The unsung hero of our store is Alex’s mom Tina. Tina tirelessly works to price books and make sure that our stock is clean and ready to go out. She has a sixth sense about books and can spot a gem from a mile away! When she is not in the store Tina loves her paint-by-number projects and crocheting. Stop by on Wednesdays and you will see Tina working her magic! 

Owners Alex and Tyson with Tina looking at camera smiling with books in hand
Megan smiling looking at camera holding a plant excitedly

Megan is our other helper! She works to organize and keep the shelves fresh! You will most likely see her reading a fantasy novel or romance with a happily ever after ending. She works a lot with crafty projects and making our kids' section special and our romance room stocked! If you need a good book recommendation she is always down to hunt down a read just for you! She loves all things nature related and occasionally will bring a little helper along, our friend Mia!